Saturday, February 5, 2011


Today around eleven hundred hours, I was innocently working out in the gym. I was on the row machine to be more specific. [Trying to have my back out this summer.] Just as I was settling in to my reps, a small mexican man wearing jeans [ Pet Peeve no. 1 People who wear jeans to the gym], a superman t-shirt and a trucker hat turned and said, "I SEE YOU ALL THE TIME." [Hi Red Flag, my name is Dawn.]

M.M.: I see you all the time at Wal-Mart. You must live around here.
Me: Really, I've never seen you.
M.M.: I see you a lot. I always want to come up and talk to you, but you always seem so busy. [ The mexican man proceeded to do a reenactment of me shopping. It basically looked like a mexican man pushing a invisible shopping cart and darting around.]
Me: ....yea. I am just in and out.
M.M: It's crazy how much I see you. Do you live around here?
Me: .....
Me: yes [?].


Classic stalking tendencies...
This happens often. People see me and want to talk to me. I have a trusting face. I think it is my low cheek bones.

I feel like this stalker is harmless because like I said before he is a SMALL mexican man. It would be like what you would do if a squirrel attacked you. You would just pull it off and throw it on the ground. However, I will be on the look out at Wal-Mart...perhaps I will start doing more of my shopping Aldi.